Sunday, May 19, 2013

Gender and age

I'm experiencing a "what the hell are you saying?" moment, as a friend of mine says that Bonnie Tyler is too old for the rock chick look.

Well, I have a bit of umbrage with that.   Mostly it's that it's not ok for a woman to hate on another for what she wears.   Especially when it's about performance and stage persona.

 Being a part-time LARPer, it's not ok to call out someone else on their costuming. Everyone is trying hard (on a limited budget, in most of our cases), and you have to be brave to go out there and be a character.  Put on an outfit that's not 'you' in order to make the right show and please everyone else taking part.

I really don't think that being a rock star is any different - it's a public persona, and it's a game that everyone is 'playing'.   

Secondly, there's a bit of 'pot calling kettle'.    Would it be ok for me to say, "hey gurl, don't wear that leotard in public, your packing isn't happening today and you have thunder thighs" ?  NO IT FUCKING WOULDN'T.  SO SHUT UP.

(I haven't heard you calling out Lady Gaga for what she wears, so why Bonnie Tyler?  Is Dolly Parton next?)

I feel like there's ageism happening - and when has that been acceptable?
Sexism isn't cool, racism isn't cool, homophobia isn't cool, transphobia isn't cool,  why is ageism happening?

Why is there this inter-sectional phobia ?    How can white women hate sex workers?  How can black people hate trans* people? How can homosexuals hate older people?  

It's not right. It makes me cross. Why aren't we supporting each other?

How would you feel if someone said you shouldn't do you ?  

Whore, faggot, tranny, nigger, cunt: these are words used to hurt us.  We would feel fortunate to achieve old age.  How is it ok to belittle others who reach it?

If you can't say anything nice, check your goddamn privilege - and shut up.

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