Sunday, December 5, 2010

just cause

ok, first, URGH.
I've just been doing my daily perusal of Stuff and the first article that leaps to my attention is that some unknown bastard has gone and murdered a whole bunch of seals near Kaikoura.
That is despicable.
I reckon this is the work of one of the blokes whose done it before. The article says that the man had killed a few of the seals then come back some days later to kill a few more. I know it's a man - no woman in her right mind or not would have the physical strength to bash a seal's head in. Let alone do it to two dozen.
Baby seals! I'm disgusted.

Anyway. The point of this blog is to stay on the social commentary side of my thoughts. I'll save my personal musings for my personal blog. This one is going to be all about the stuff that's dear to my heart - socialism, feminism, atheism, politics. Probably other stuff too.

Stay tuned.

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