Sunday, February 13, 2011

from the horse's mouth

"From Stripper to Acting CEO

I clicked on this article in the hopes that it would be a woman making it to the top. But no.

It's a bloke, having done a one-night stint in a local production. "Very tastefully done".

Has anyone else been to a strip club featuring female dancers? Seen the way they accept tips from the patrons, bending over and giving a full view of their cunt a few scant inches from their faces?
Competition for getting tipped has done this to strippers - they used to be dancers, entertainers...burlesque. But now, the more skin they show and the ruder they dance, the more money they get. Taste has little to do with it.

Still, more power to ya if that's you. More power, more money.

But the man in the article says it himself: "I am probably one of the few CEOs, if not the only CEO, to have been a stripper for a paying audience."

That's like saying that no stripper could ever become a CEO of a company. That she's not worthy enough for the job. And that hacks me off!

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