Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lifestyle choices

Oh Christ.

Just getting away from a blog post with open comments on Stuff about food parcels and John Key's moronic comment about beneficiaries' lifestyle choices.

The amount of misogyny in the comments just makes me SICK. From women as well as men!!

A stunner from someone named Claire - ranting about a woman with three children and collecting the DPB "her choice to have sex and get pregnant" well yeah we really hope it was her choice to have sex, and definitely her choice to have her children but that doesn't mean it's her fault that she can't afford everything she needs to provide for her children and herself.

Yes, of course, many women who get pregnant and consider the consequences think "well shit, if I have this kid now money is going to be really tight" but it doesn't mean that they don't want the child!

Me, personally, I would probably rather take my chances with pregnancy, parenthood (maybe by myself) and maybe having to sacrifice a bit than have an abortion. (unless I really didn't want the man's child, for whatever reason) But abortions just squick me out. The whole procedure makes me nauseous and scared. I don't just mean the tried and true D&C, the pills, the having to leave and come back again thing, the sedation, yeah, nah. Horrible. Not for me, if I can possibly avoid being raped (odds aren't that good, I'm a woman) or getting knocked up to a guy who really couldn't handle fatherhood.

Abortion law pisses me off too, I've read the section of the Crimes Act (CRIMES! Can you believe it?!) that contains NZ's current abortion laws and it's twisted and wrong. D:

This is totally turning into a rant, but FUCK OFF with the benefit cutting already. Hypocrites! Marginalising women and Maori while they buy themselves flash new cars. Paula Bennet... you are damned lucky I've spent today reading a book by the Dalai Lama. I am grateful to you for being my enemy, because you give me the opportunity to practice compassion.

Damned if I will, though!!!

EDIT: In hindsight, I should probably link to something that analyses some of the statistics regarding women, Maori and social welfare.

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