Wednesday, March 2, 2011

not so quietly pissed off

I've had my thoughts adjusted by transsexuals. Firstly, by a friend who I hang out with every day at uni, and secondly by a woman who I only know as V.

Yeah, ok, of the two I really only know and like my mate, but V has raised an important issue for me. It's about ignoring transsexuals. It's not right. It's like when society used to ignore homosexuals and their issues. And before that, women. Which is bullshit.

I've also had my thoughts adjusted by reading that when cisgender men and women choose to use the wrong personal pronoun, ask questions about their bits, claim they're not "really" a woman or a man, we're being transphobic.

It galls me that transgender women get beat up and killed in hate crimes. Case in point:
This woman

I don't know her real name. Nobody will know her real name, because the fucking media is calling her "Richard" and calling her a "him".

I see you.

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