Wednesday, April 13, 2011

belated blogswarm

So apparently there was a blogswarm on the 7th, which I missed. Regarding "abortion is a health issue not a crime"

Which, oddly enough, is exactly the wording I used to a friend of mine (a male) when he mentioned a friend of his (a female) had blogged about being pro-choice.

Random gleanings from today's conversations with the usual gang included a thought questioning why pregnancy is a sickness (you can get a "sickness benefit" if you're pregnant) and why, instead of being in the health area of the law, is abortion still a crime?

Anecdotally, I had a serious in-depth conversation with a friend regarding her current pregnancy and whether or not she should terminate. She's a grown woman, a mother, and she's feeling scared and alone because the people who should be supporting her CHOICE the most...aren't. They have made their choices before she's made hers. It's not right.

I felt torn up just hearing her story. It's so seldom black-and-white, got-raped-gonna-terminate.

And people dare to say that women would use it as their primary method of birth control. A scant few, perhaps, but why have an abortion when you can use contraception first...

Anyway, slutwalk, keen bean. :)

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